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One location, two special places.

The Catio Cat Lounge is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to finding cats and kittens placement with a loving permanent adoptive family. At The Catio, our kitties get a cage-free, enriching environment at the lounge while they wait to meet their forever families. Usually, they don’t have to wait too long--14 days is our average. We have an excellent track record of finding our rescues wonderful homes very fast. The Catio allows customers to truly get to know a cat’s personality before adoption, which means our placements are usually successful long-term. Fewer than 3% of cats have been returned due to no fault of their own.

The Catio rescues and rehomes about 1,000 cats annually with the help of an incredible network volunteers and foster families. Visitorspay a small fee to enter the lounge to mingle with these felines. Cute kitties will join in as you lay down a few brushstrokes during Painting with Kitties, or even as you watch movies during our Movies with the Cats Nights. Whether you’re attending an event, sipping a beverage with a Maine Coon, or volunteering, this cat lounge supports rescuing and finding homes for abandoned and stray cats and kittens.

The Catio runs on your donations! Gifts support our work to save cats whose age, health, and behaviors in other settings may prevent them from getting adopted. In focusing on these overlooked felines. The Catio also focuses on the senior, elderly, frightened, stressed, and sick or injured cats who might otherwise be euthanized, because there are no rescue organizations focused on the senior kitties at overcrowded shelters.

The Catio recently doubled the size of our Adoption Center to give senior cats with more specialized needs a private space of their own. This expansion was made possible thanks to your donations! Volunteers and foster are always needed, as well.


The Catio is a great place to meet friends of both the human and kitty variety!


2416 Music Valley Dr., Ste 119

Nashville, TN 37214



Mon - Sun

10:00 am – 7:00 pm

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